Welcome to M.E.T ! TMH Visit Story



The year 2018 is passing so fast that January is gone and now this is February already.

I wonder if you are still keeping up well with your new year resolution.

This February, M.E.T welcomed a very special guest.

The Japanese repair company TMH has visited MET to share each other’s thoughts about our business plan, as a constant business partner.



TMH is a company whose project is repairing semiconductor equipment and components of display screen, and has been doing business together with M.E.T frequently.




I hope this becomes the opportunity for our stronger partnership and each other’s improvement.

Good luck!

(주)엠이티 10월 휴일 근무 안내입니다.


안녕하십니까 (주)엠이티 입니다.

추석연휴는 잘 보내셨나요?

분명 길고 길었던 연휴였는데, 막상 지나고 나니 너무 짧았던것 같은 기분은 뭘까요?

그래도 푹 쉬고 나니 활력이 넘치네요 !!!

오늘 비도 오고 기온이 뚝~~떨어져 쌀쌀하니 감기 조심하시고요 ~

저희 이번 10월 휴일 근무 안내 해드립니다 ^^

저희 엠이티에서는 24시간 상담업무 및 긴급대응이 가능합니다.

구매문의 : 1670-8257(내선1번) sales@met.kr

수리문의 : 1670-8257(내선2번) repair@met.kr

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